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Our flight from Minneapolis to New Orleans was delayed an hour due to a broken reading light in the first row of coach and also a blind woman putting an oversized bag in one of the overhead bins and breaking the latch on it so that it had to be taped shut. We ended up arriving pretty much on time anyway, and headed directly to Bayona for Christmas Eve dinner.

I had cream of celery soup with foie gras butter croutons - a dish which led me to start proclaiming “Everything should have foie gras in it!” - veal sweetbreads with lemon caper butter, a goat cheese crouton with mushrooms in Madeira cream, and some kind of chocolate with alcohol flan/pudding for dessert. It was an incredibly rich meal - a good introduction to New Orleans’ unapologetically decadent cuisine. I realize, however, that whatever cute thing I have going on about ordering sweetbreads because my grandmother likes them is almost entirely in my head. I don’t like sweetbreads nearly as much as I think I do and should probably stop ordering them soon.

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