Things I Ate In General

This is a food blog that isn't always totally about food.

Here is a recipe for hating yourself: eat an entire slab of foie gras with a fork and call it an entree.

Obviously and unfortunately, I am saying this from experience - I did it when we ate dinner at Lüke. Other dishes enjoyed include:

  • A beautiful fried oyster and avocado salad.
  • The bread, which was a mini baguette with salted butter. Lots of “French” restaurants do a cutesy baguette thing, but few do it well.
  • My matzo ball and roast chicken soup, like most soups, photographed badly and will not be shown here.
  • The spätzle was quite good, if a little bland compared to the rest of the food.

I guess I tried to balance what I was doing to myself with the foie gras terrine by ordering starches? I can already feel that my mom is going to yell at me about this one.

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