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This is a food blog that isn't always totally about food.

On Boxing Day we ate dinner at August - a fancy schmancy John Besh restaurant in the Central Business District. I tried to atone for my earlier foie gras consumption by ordering sensibly. Courses:

Amuse-bouche - fish custard in an egg shell with a little caviar on top. If that sounds bad to you, I assure you that it was better than it sounds.

Salad - local vegetable “chop” salad with champagne herb vinaigrette. This is not the chop salad from California Pizza Kitchen. It was basically a bunch of veggies - radishes, mushrooms, little onions, orange cauliflower, potatoes, little tiny carrots - lightly dressed and beautifully arranged on a plate. Very fun to eat.

Main - Elk. Wrapped in a pancake. With some kind of mushroom puree. Fantastic. More complex than beef, or buffalo. Ryan asked me if it was like venison, but the only venison I’ve ever eaten was in pâté form, so I really couldn’t say.

Dessert - Napoleon of nougatine with Valrhona chocolate bavarois and salted toffee ice cream. The smear on the side of the plate is chicory. I’m still not really sure what this was. I ate the ice cream and eventually disassembled the layers to eat the creamy filling part.

Sweets - You get what you pay for, and an expensive dinner usually means some kind of extra goodies come with the bill. These were blood orange jellies and some little chocolates.

I read a few posts on the New Orleans Chowhound message boards saying that August is failing and should be avoided. I think this is wrong.

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