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I have been wanting to eat at Mission Chinese Food ever since the restaurant was featured in Food & Wine Magazine in July of 2011. This goal was made quite a bit easier when the owners opened a New York City location this past May. (Somehow I don’t make it to San Francisco very often.)

My friend Hannah, who is a more intrepid food enthusiast than I, managed to get a reservation on a Friday night in early August. This was a godsend - on the night we were there the line to get in was so long that the restaurant was refusing to even take people’s names down. If you go, make a reservation.

We ordered and shared a lot of dishes, though I couldn’t tell you now what most of them were since the menu at Mission has since changed and I can’t just copy things off of the website (which is my usual M.O.). I know for sure that we had the smashed cucumbers with salted chili, sesame paste, and garlic, the thrice cooked bacon, the kung pao pastrami, and the mapo tofu. Also, I ate a pig tail.

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